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You may view or download the Craig Municipal Code by individual title or you may view or download the entire document (2.9 MB) using the links below. If there are questions about the electronic version of the Municipal Code please contact the Craig City Clerk at 907-826-3275. The electronic version of the code will be updated twice per year after the supplemental changes are incorporated.

City of Craig
Municipal Code


Craig Municipal Code


Cover, Table of Contents, Preface and Revisions

Title 1,General Provisions

Title 2, Administration and Personnel

Title 3, Revenue and Finance

Title 4, Boat Harbor

Title 5, Business Licenses and Regulations

Title 6, Local Improvements and Assessments

Title 7, Animals

Title 8, Health and Welfare

Title 9, Public Peace, Morals and Safety

Title 10, Vehicles and Traffic

Title 11, (Reserved)

Title 12, Streets and Sidewalks

Title 13, (Reserved)

Title 14, Buildings and Construction

Title 15, Utilities

Title 16, Municipally Owned Land

Title 17, (Reserved)

Title 18, Land Development Code

Tables, Disposition of Ordinances