Craig Emergency Services Department
Craig Fire and Craig EMS are all volunteer departments. Your neighbors, co-workers and friends who train and respond to fire and medical emergencies in Craig. They do not stay in the firehall waiting for the 911 calls. They are either at home or on the job. All of them leave their home or job when the call requires help. Thank an EMT or Volunteer Fireman today!

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Contact EMS Coordinator Chaundell Piburn 826-4857.
Craig Volunteer Fire
826-2367 (Message) or
Craig Volunteer Fire Department

The Craig Fire Department has 15 volunteers who respond to about 15-20 emergency calls each year, including house, boat, and wild land fires, motor vehicle accidents and smoke and alarm investigations. CVFD also provides annual fire safety programs in the schools and logistical support to City Police and EMS operations, as needed.
Current EMS Volunteers

John Moots - 25 years
Beccy Moots - 4 years as an adult
Dave Nelson - 15 years


Dr. Copass currently serves as the Director of the Medic One Paramedic Training Program and the Medical Director for Seattle Medic One. He is an attending physician in the Division of Neurology at Harborview and the University of Washington Medical Center and recently retired after 35 years as Director of Emergency Services at Harborview Medical Center. A long-time Board Member and past president of the Medic One Foundation Board of Directors,Dr. Copass' legacy of rigorous, compassionate medical care is known worldwide. As a result of his dedication and service, our region's Medic One system is now considered to be the gold standard for emergency medical care in the United States.


"To be a good medic, an individual has to be an unselfish person, willing to get up in the middle of the night to take care of people who are lonely or people who are different in terms of their lifestyles and be unimpressed by the differences - seeing disease for what it is, not for what it lives in." -Michael K. Copass, MD


Our medics follow Dr. C's compassionate tone and approach situations with an :..."I'd love to" approach.."helping our neighbors" is what Craig EMS was built on, and what we stand for today...Chaundell Piburn 

Youth First Responders is a youth team developed to teach young adults first aid and ETT skills. ETT'S ( Emergency Trauma Technicians ) help their Volunteer Fire & EMS squads across the POW island. We have team members in Thorne Bay, Kaasan , Naukati, Hollis, Craig, and Klawock. We train once a month, and go to many events around the island to support our community disaster teams. The ETT class is a comparable health 2 credit in high school and the first part of the state EMT 1 class. The power of YOUth! 

Click here for a volunteer EMS application!
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