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Neuromuscular transmission involves presynaptic trans- fully activated muscle purchase 500 mg keflex otc. The power output of an isotonically contracting skeletal cleft, and binding to postsynaptic receptors. The immediate postsynaptic electrical response to trans- is determined by the size of the load; it is maximal at ap- mitter molecule binding is a local depolarization called the proximately one-third of the maximal isometric force. All muscles are arranged so that they may be extended by tive number of channels that have been opened by the the action of antagonistic muscles or by an external force transmitter binding. The endplate potential is localized to the endplate region selves after shortening. The control of skeletal muscle contraction is exercised muscle fiber at the endplate; the resulting outward current through the thin filaments and is termed actin-linked. A twitch is a single muscle contraction, produced in re- traction in smooth muscle are varied and complex. In most sponse to a single action potential in the muscle cell mem- of the pathways, the cellular concentration of free calcium brane. A tetanus is a larger muscle contraction that results ions is an important link in the process of activation and from repetitive stimulation (multiple action potentials) of contraction. The primary step in the regulation of smooth muscle con- mation of many twitch contractions. Isometric contraction results when an activated muscle is chains of the myosin molecule, which is then free to inter- prevented from shortening and force is produced without act with actin. The contractions of smooth muscle are considerably shortens against an external force (or load). The external slower than those of skeletal muscle, but are much more load determines the force that the muscle will develop, and economical in their use of cellular energy. A crossbridge the developed force determines the velocity of shortening. The length-tension curve describes the effect of the resting muscles to maintain contraction for extremely long periods length of a muscle on the isometric force it can develop.

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This space is filled with a jelly- cornea and a structure located directly like discount 250 mg keflex amex, translucent substance called the behind the iris called the lens. The lens is vitreous humor, which helps to maintain a small transparent disk enclosed in a the form and shape of the eyeball. Attachments around At the very back of the eye is the inner- the circumference of the lens, called ciliary most coat of the eye, the retina. The reti- muscles, automatically contract or ex- na contains two layers, a pigmented layer pand, changing the shape of the lens from that is fixed to the choroid and an inner fat to thin or vice versa in response to the layer that contains special light-sensitive proximity or distance of an object being cells called rods and cones. The changing shape of the lens Rods are involved with detecting light permits the eye to focus for near or far and dark as well as shape and movement vision, a process called accommodation. Rods contain iary muscles relax, thinning and flatten- a derivative of vitamin A, rhodopsin, a ing the lens. To focus on objects close by, highly light-sensitive substance that breaks Measuring Vision 125 down rapidly when exposed to light. This of best vision and to measure the need for chemical process causes a reaction that corrective lenses. A standard test of visu- activates the rods so that the eye adjusts, al acuity is the Snellen test. Lines are Cones are involved primarily in daylight identified according to the distance from and color vision as well as in the percep- which they can be read by individuals tion of sharp visual detail. For example, cones are located in a spot on the retina individuals with normal visual acuity can called the macula. The macula is the area read the top line of the chart at 200 feet of clearest central vision. When taking macula, the fovea, contains no rods and is the Snellen test, individuals view the the area where vision is clearest in good Snellen chart at the equivalent of 20 feet light. This are expressed as a fraction, the numerator area is sometimes called the blind spot denoting the equivalent distance from the because it does not contain light-sensitive chart at which the individual being test- cells. Light rays pass through the cornea, ed views the chart (20 feet) and the enter the pupil, pass through the lens, and denominator denoting the distance from register on the retina.