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By A. Aschnu. Elmhurst College.

On these twelve meridi- Research & general acceptance ans buy cabergoline 0.5 mg cheap, there are nearly 2,000 points that can be used in acupuncture, with around 200 points being most fre- Mainstream medicine has been slow to accept quently used by traditional acupuncturists. During an in- acupuncture; although more MDs are using the technique, dividual treatment, one to 20 needles may be used, de- the American Medical Association does not recognize it as pending on which meridian points are chosen. The reason for this is that the mechanism of acupuncture is difficult to scientifically understand or Acupuncture needles are always sterilized and measure, such as the invisible energy of chi in the body. The depth of inser- Western medicine, admitting that acupuncture works in tion of needles varies, depending on which chi channels many cases, has theorized that the energy meridians are are being treated. Some points barely go beyond superfi- actually part of the nervous system and that acupuncture cial layers of skin, while some acupuncture points re- relieves pain by releasing endorphins, or natural pain quire a depth of 1-3 in (2. Patients sometimes re- biochemistry involved, acupuncture continues to show ef- port pinching sensations and often pleasant sensations, fectiveness in clinical tests, from reducing pain to alleviat- as the body experiences healing. Depending on the prob- ing the symptoms of chronic illnesses, and research in lem, the acupuncturist might spin or move the needles, acupuncture is currently growing. The Office of Alterna- or even pass a slight electrical current through some of tive Medicine of the National Institute of Health is cur- them. Moxibustion may be sometimes used, in which an rently funding research in the use of acupuncture for treat- herbal mixture (moxa or mugwort) is either burned like ing depression and attention-deficit disorder. Also, acupuncturists sometimes use cupping, dur- Training & certification ing which small suction cups are placed on meridian Medical acupuncture has evolved in America which points to stimulate them. Some and pain management, and not as part of Chinese medi- patients only require a quick in and out insertion to clear cine overall. Medical acupuncture is performed by an problems and provide tonification (strengthening of MD or an osteopathic physician (DO). Currently 23 health), while some other conditions might require nee- states allow only this type of acupuncture. The average visit to get their training as part of conventional medical school an acupuncturist takes about 30 minutes. As any MD can legally perform acupuncture, GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2 19 Savage, Lorraine.

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Kew JJ buy cabergoline 0.25mg visa, Halligan PW, Marshall JC, Passingham RE, Rothwell JC, Ridding MC, Marsden CD, Brooks DJ (1997) Abnormal access of axial vibrotactile input to deafferented somatosensory cortex in human upper limb amputees. Kew JJ, Ridding MC, Rothwell JC, Passingham RE, Leigh PN, Sooriakumaran S, Frackowiak RS, Brooks DJ (1994) Reorganization of cortical blood flow and transc- ranial magnetic stimulation maps in human subjects after upper limb amputation. Kleim JA, Jones TA, Schallert T (2003) Motor enrichment and the induction of plasticity before or after brain injury. Knecht S, Henningsen H, Elbert T, Flor H, Hohling C, Pantev C, Taub E (1996) Reorganizational and perceptional changes after amputation. Kobayashi M, Hutchinson S, Theoret H, Schlaug G, Pascual-Leone A (2004) Repet- itive TMS of the motor cortex improves ipsilateral sequential simple finger move- ments. Laubis-Herrmann U, Dichgans J, Bilow H, Topka H (2000) Motor reorganization after spinal cord injury: evidence of adaptive changes in remote muscles. Levy LM, Ziemann U, Chen R, Cohen LG (2002) Rapid modulation of GABA in sensorimotor cortex induced by acute deafferentation. Liepert J, Bauder H, Wolfgang HR, Miltner WH, Taub E, Weiller C (2000) Treatment-induced cortical reorganization after stroke in humans. Liepert J, Miltner WH, Bauder H, Sommer M, Dettmers C, Taub E, Weiller C (1998) Motor cortex plasticity during constraint-induced movement therapy in stroke patients. Lotze M, Braun C, Birbaumer N, Anders S, Cohen LG (2003) Motor learning elicited by voluntary drive. Lotze M, Grodd W, Birbaumer N, Erb M, Huse E, Flor H (1999a) Does use of a myoelectric prosthesis prevent cortical reorganization and phantom limb pain? Lotze M, Laubis-Herrmann U, Topka H, Erb M, Grodd W (1999b) Reorganization in the primary motor cortex after spinal cord injury — A functional Magnetic Res- onance (fMRI) study. Luft AR, Kaelin-Lang A, Hauser TK, Buitrago MM, Thakor NV, Hanley DF, Cohen LG (2002) Modulation of rodent cortical motor excitability by somatosensory input.

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Thus cabergoline 0.25 mg with visa, response is still possible, but greater amounts of the ag- indirectly, each tends to cancel out or reduce the effect onist are required. A classic example is acetylcholine and epi- creased, the dose–response curve is shifted farther to nephrine. These agonists have opposite effects on sev- the right (curve c), still with no decrease in the maxi- eral body functions. Acetylcholine stimulates onist required to achieve maximum response is greater intestinal movement, and epinephrine inhibits it. Acetylcholine constricts the pupil, and epinephrine di- Examples of equilibrium-competitive antagonists are lates it; and so on. Of course, this continual shift of the curve to the right with no change in maximum as the dose of antag- Competitive Antagonism onist is increased assumes that very large amounts of Competitive antagonism is the most frequently encoun- the agonist can be achieved in the biophase. The erally true when the agonist is a drug being added from antagonist combines with the same site on the receptor as outside the biological system. However, if the agonist is does the agonist, but unlike the agonist, does not induce a naturally occurring substance released from within a response; that is, the antagonist has little or no efficacy. Competitive antagonists can fall creasing the amount of antagonist ultimately abolishes into either of two subtypes, depending on the type of all response. The effect of a nonequilibrium antagonist on the If the bond is a loose one, the antagonism is called equi- dose–response curve of an agonist is quite different librium competitive or reversibly competitive. If the from the effect of an equilibrium antagonist, as illus- bond is covalent, however, the combination of the an- trated in Figure 2. As the dose of nonequilibrium an- tagonist with the receptor is not readily reversible, and tagonist is increased, the slope of the agonist curve and the antagonism is termed nonequilibrium competitive or the maximum response achieved are progressively de- irreversibly competitive. When the amount of antagonist is adequate If the antagonism is of the equilibrium type, the an- (curve d), no amount of agonist can produce any re- tagonism increases as the concentration of the antago- sponse. Conversely, the antagonism can be over- mine, which form covalent bonds with receptors, are ex- come (surmounted) if the concentration of the agonist amples of nonequilibrium-competitive antagonists (see in the biophase (the region of the receptors) is in- Chapter 11). The effect of a noncompetitive antagonist on the dose–response curve for an agonist would be the same as Noncompetitive Antagonism the effect of a non–equilibrium-competitive antagonist In noncompetitive antagonism, the antagonist acts at a (Fig. The difference itive antagonist and a nonequilibrium-competitive an- between a competitive and a noncompetitive antagonist tagonist is specificity.